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Do feel free to drop by at our outlet - Cheng Hong Coldstorage located at Stutong. There are lots of FREE bakkwa/ dried pork given out for testing.

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A tower of Rou Cui Xiang boxes which is catching to the eye!

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Steps to get the coupon
1. Download and save the coupon into your computer/laptop and print it out.
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Terms & Conditions
Coupon can only be redeemed at Cheng Hong Coldstorage outlet. It is only valid until 28February of 2010.

Let's eat Rou Cui Xiang dried pork !!

There are two types of Rou Cui Xiang Dried Pork :
Sliced Dried Pork (切片猪肉干)
Minced Dried Pork (肉猪肉)

1. Pick a pack of dried pork that you prefer.

2. Cut off the vacuumed plastic bag with scissors.

3. Place the dried pork on a plate. If you wish to make it taste better, heat it in the microwave for around 30seconds.

肉粹香猪肉干 Rou Cui Xiang served you best dried pork!

How is our Rou Cui Xiang (肉粹香猪肉干) served ?

Our Rou Cui Xiang ( 肉粹香猪肉干 ) is vacuum packed with certain quantity of amount like 200g-250g or 400g-500g. It is to let our customers to purchase in a more convenient way. Vacuum packed is the best way of storing our dried pork. What makes our dried pork unique is that it does not contain any preservatives. As result from that, it is advised for it not to be kept in room temperature for more than 2 weeks after date of purchase. If a longer storage time is desired, our best suggestion is to store it in freezer at the temperature of -18'c to preserve the quality of our product.

Rou Cui Xiang 肉粹香猪肉干

Rou Cui Xiang, as known in chinese - " 肉粹香" is dried pork which is manufactured locally in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. This brand is established at the year of 2009. It's under the company of Cheng Hong Coldstorage Sendirian Berhad. Cheng Hong Coldstorage is a company which specializes in manufacturing quick frozen local pork and also process some ready cook pork products like Taiwan sausage,Meat ball, Pork burger and others.

Rou Cui Xiang ( 肉粹香猪肉干 ) comes in two types of dried pork- Sliced Dried pork(切片猪肉干) and Minced Dried Pork(肉猪肉干).

What is Bakkwa ?

Bakkwa which also can called as Dried Pork, Jerky, Rou-Gan( 肉干 ). It is made from pork which is sliced into flat thin sheets before being subjected to a grilling process, which resulted in delicious and flavorful bakwa. It is popular especially in South East Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore. And, it is definitely one of the pork delicacies not to be missed during the annual chinese new year.